As a denomination

Immanuel Presbyterian Church belongs to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  This mainline denomination speaks to our theological heritage in the reformed tradition and the structure of government under which we operate.  The PC(U.S.A.) is a “grassroots” denomination, meaning it is the work of the people in local congregations that drives the work of the national denomination.

We have two books to our Constitution, both informed by the witness of Scripture to the  nature of God. The two books are: The Book of Confessions, a book compiled of historical documents known as confessions made by the church throughout history.  These documents recognize the work of the Holy Spirit across place and time as the history of the world unfolds; and The Book of Order, which gives us guidance in areas such as worship, the foundations of the church, governing and discipline.  This book allows offers us structure and guidelines in keeping with the reformed tradition while also allowing the local body the freedom to make decisions pertinent to its function and daily ministry.


As a congregation

Immanuel Presbyterian Church was founded in 1990 as a new church development in the east end of Montgomery, Alabama. Immanuel is a diverse congregation which seeks to be an invitational and welcoming environment to all who enter here. For over 20 years, Immanuel has stood strong as a fighter for social justice and equality in the city of Montgomery and prides itself in the community as a “good neighbor”. You are welcome here regardless of social or gender orientation, cultural identification or financial status. We believe that as Christians we are all united in the One Body of Christ our Lord, and that means you, too.

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