Our story

Immanuel Presbyterian Church is the culmination of a long dream for a new Presbyterian congregation in Montgomery, Alabama.

The name Immanuel (a compound of three Hebrew words, “with-us-God”) and its Hebrew transliteration (beginning with “I” rather than “E”) was chosen.  Since the sanctuary doors opened in 1990, Immanuel has experienced steady growth in diverse and inclusive membership.

What we believe

Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church

God, who raised Jesus Christ from the dead and set him above all rule and authority, has given to him all power in heaven and on earth. God has put all things under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and has made Christ Head of the Church. The Church’s life and mission are a joyful participation in Christ’s ongoing life and work.

Word and Sacrament are at the center of everything we do

The order of worship and the life of our church is rooted in Scripture, the traditions of the universal Church, and our Reformed heritage. In particular, we
seek to uphold the centrality of Word and Sacraments in the Church’s faith, life, and worship.

Everyone (yes, everyone) is welcome

Unity is God’s gift to the Church in Jesus Christ. Just as God is one God and Jesus Christ is our one Savior, so the Church is one because it belongs to its one Lord, Jesus Christ. The Church seeks to include all people and is never content to enjoy the benefits of Christian community for itself alone. There is one Church, for there is one Spirit, one hope, “one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all.”


What is Worship Like?

Immanuel Church has a casual atmosphere where all people are welcome.

The Presbyterian order of worship is very similar to that of other denominations. Our service is centered each week on the sacrament of communion. After the invitation is given by the minister, the community flows together toward the Lord’s Table. Each person takes a piece of the common loaf, dips it into the cup of grape juice, and shares in the goodness of the Lord as one body in Christ Jesus.

At the conclusion of the worship service, visitors are recognized and invited to stay for fellowship, coffee, and refreshments. Church school classes for all ages last from 11:00 until noon.

All are welcome regardless of marital status, denominational affiliation, theological expression, etc.


Our Mission and Vision

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