Sunday Services

9:30 am
 - Worship Service
 10:45 am
 - Meet & Greet
 11:00 am
 - Sunday School

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We believe Immanuel Presbyterian Church is called by grace to be an inclusive community of Christian faith embodying the redemptive life, suffering and death of Jesus Christ, by the power of his resurrection. Jesus' identity and mission were anchored in the calling of Israel to be a healing people for all of God's abused creation.

Jesus cared for those bound by poverty, those sick in body or soul, those oppressed by cold-hearted society, those imprisoned, those repressed by materialism, those ignored by the world.

God calls us to compassionate, relevant ministry for people in need: bodily care to the ailing, food for the hungry, comfort for the troubled, shelter for the homeless, nurture for the young, rest for the weary, assurance for the wavering.

The Holy Spirit empowers us, through the waters of baptism, at the supper of our Lord, by the study of holy scripture, with the company of believers, to proclaim the love of God which heals old wounds, rejoices in differences, rescues harmony from discord, and makes Immanuel Presbyterian Church a sanctuary of welcome for all people.

—From our Mission Statement

Designated Monthly Mission Offering

March Monthly Mission Offering:

Congo Partnership, Presbytery of Sheppards & Lapsley

PRAY for our partners in Congo, the members of the congregations, the pastors, and the missionaries.

INVITE someone to speak about the Congo—a guest from the Congo or a member of our Congo Partnership Team.

PARTICIPATE in individual fundraising projects

ATTEND mission forums, network meetings, or conferences hosted by the PC(USA) to learn more about work with the Congo.

ADVOCATE for U.S. policies that will help the Congo.

SERVE on the Presbytery’s Congo Partnership Team or as a Church Contact.

GIVE generously to support our work with the Congo.




*To GIVE, please make all checks payable to: “Presbytery of Sheppards & Lapsley” Add specific instructions such as: Schools, Education, Women’s Development, Medical Support, Building and Repairing Churches, Sheppards and Lapsley University.