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Immanuel Presbyterian Church is called by grace to be an inclusive community of Christian faith embodying the redemptive life, suffering and death of Jesus Christ, by the power of his resurrection. Jesus' identity and mission were anchored in the calling of Israel to be a healing people for all of God's abused creation.

Jesus cared for those bound by poverty, those sick in body or soul, those oppressed by cold-hearted society, those imprisoned, those repressed by materialism, those ignored by the world.

God calls us to compassionate, relevant ministry for people in need: bodily care to the ailing, food for the hungry, comfort for the troubled, shelter for the homeless, nurture for the young, rest for the weary, assurance for the wavering.

The Holy Spirit empowers us, through the waters of baptism, at the supper of our Lord, by the study of holy scripture, with the company of believers, to proclaim the love of God which heals old wounds, rejoices in differences, rescues harmony from discord, and makes Immanuel Presbyterian Church a sanctuary of welcome for all people.

—From our Mission Statement

Designated Monthly Mission Offering

June's Monthly Mission Offering

will be going to Aid to Inmate Mothers

Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM) Inc., was founded in 1987 by Church Women United, The Alabama Prison Project, The Alabama Department of Corrections and a group of committed volunteers who discovered that there were many women in prison who never saw their children. AIM’s founders recognized that children of incarcerated parents needed regular contact with their mothers, yet often couldn’t visit because their guardians were unwilling or unable to take them. In 1990, AIM separated from the Alabama Prison Project and became an independent nonprofit agency.

With a strong, statewide volunteer network, AIM continues to provide monthly visits for children to reunite with their incarcerated mothers. Guardians report that their children’s emotional health profoundly improves when the children see their mothers and helps them perform better in every aspect of their daily lives.

Our visitation program has been focus of our agency since the beginning, but through continued support from our volunteers and sponsors we have been able to implement more programs. Our expanded services include a monthly storybook program, summer camp for kids, family outreach programs, birthday and Christmas gifts for families, and classes for the mothers in prison. Our services are extended to mothers at Tutwiler Prison, Tutwiler Annex, Birmingham Work Release and the Montgomery Community Based Facility.

In 2010, we helped more than 200 women adjust to the outside world—many reuniting with their children. Only 11% of the women returned—as compared to 23% recidivism rate of women who had not gone through our programs.

In 2011, started a project that we had always dreamed of—a transitional home for women leaving prison. In 2012, AIM was given approval on a grant from the City of Montgomery to purchase the building. In June 2013, we became the proud owners of 660 Morgan Avenue. We have since moved all of our offices to the new building.